Perfect attendanceAt Perry Wellness Center, regular attendance is important. The advent of the Whole Health and Wellness Management (WHAM) program and the center’s growing wellness curriculum has peers working on their personal goals on a daily basis.

Each quarter, peers who have achieved perfect attendance are rewarded with a small gift of appreciation and encouragement. At year’s end, peer with perfect attendance for the year are recognized and receive additional gifts at Christmas. This year, several peers were recognized for their near-perfect attendance efforts. One peer, Kaylon Holt, met the goal of perfect attendance for the entire year.

“I enjoy each day at Perry Wellness Center,” Kaylon explained. “We are blessed to have the love and concern for our lives by Stuart, Pam, and Amanda Perry. I appreciate this gift. But more than this gift, daily attendance at Perry Wellness Center is fun! I learn things each day that help me with my daily life and recovery.”

For his efforts, the 21-year-old Schley County resident received a gift and words of appreciation from Pam Perry.

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