cedar sachetsThe distinctive scent of cedar is one of the most cherished memories of bygone days for many of us who explored a grandparent’s old cedar chest, kept a high school “hope chest” filled with items for a future household, or enjoyed a cedar Christmas tree. Now that scent is about to be for sale at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

Using donated fresh cedar chips, peers are stuffing large and small cloth bags for use in closets and drawers. In addition to its pleasant woodsy scent, cedar is known for its protective qualities for clothing. Stored woolens and linens remain fresh and moth-free with the addition of a hanging cedar closet bag or a sachet tucked in a drawer.

In addition to being a sales enterprise for Perry Wellness Center, our cedar shavings venture has also been a lesson in marketing for peers and staff alike. We conducted a survey on site to determine the best bag sizes to use, then researched costs for comparable products elsewhere. We arrived at a selling price that is lower than online costs, and customers won’t incur shipping or handling charges. Smaller bags will be available for $2, and larger bags will contain six for $10.

Next we looked at product placement. In addition to sales at the market, we plan to have selected displays and sales in clothing outlets and beauty shops.

We also brainstormed about everything from potential uses for the bags (clothes storage, potpourri, restroom deodorizer, etc.) to product names. Our selection: “Cedar Sachet.”

Customers are invited to drop by and stock up on this versatile new product. Sales will benefit our ongoing efforts in this recovery learning lab that our market has become.

In the photo above, peers Joseph Flint, Essie Fulks, Rhonda Hubbard, and Kaylon Holt fill cloth bags with newly cut cedar shavings.

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