Window cleaningLast week we told you about the design and construction of our new Euro-vintage greenhouse at Perry Wellness Center. As the carpentry nears completion, a new set of tasks must be completed by our peers and staff in order to ready the building for its debut.

For example, to be certain that all potential cold air leaks are sealed in the older wooden window frames, coats of enamel paint have been applied to cover them inside and out. And the most daunting task of all has begun – window cleaning! We want our windows to shine with the radiant sunlight that will fill the new greenhouse and nurture plant growth.

Project designer Jeff Williams notes, “It is fun to see that many peers are requesting work detail to help with completion of this new greenhouse. This is a peer-run place – and peer excitement is good!”

Normally, window cleaning isn’t a favorite household task, but the excitement surrounding the new construction and being out in the fresh spring weather has worked its own magic.

In the photo, Brandon Davis, left, and Gerald Shaw clean paint from exterior window panes on Perry Wellness Center’s newest greenhouse.

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