Kaylon Holt soda tabsOn several occasions, we’ve shared with you the adventures of Kaylon Holt, one of our youngest peers at Perry Wellness Center. He is noted for his fine art work, the book he is creating, and his love of high school football.

But Kaylon has another interest, which he has been pursuing since the fall of 2013 – collecting soda tab tops! This seemingly frivolous hobby began with a serious purpose – to contribute financially to the treatment of a dying family member. After the family member passed away, Kaylon continued with his efforts, as by that time he had developed a large network of contributors.

“I think I now have over 10,000 tab tops,” Kaylon reports. His collection fills three large bags. Ironically, despite the program’s emphasis on cutting back on the consumption of soft drinks for healthy nutrition, Kaylon manages to obtain many contributions from his peers!

10,000 tab tops – it begs the question: what will he do with them all? “I have talked with Jeff [Williams, project manager] about a project that will help us at Perry Wellness Center,” Kaylon explains. “Until we decide how to best use the tops, I will continue to collect these discarded pieces.”

Whether the thousands of tab tops are ultimately taken in for redemption or used in the construction of a design project, there is little doubt that this dedicated and creative young man will put his new pastime to good use. Good luck, Kaylon!

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