Brad Clark witnessAs part of their efforts toward recovery, peers at Perry Wellness Center learn to open up about their interests, passions, and beliefs. They also realize the importance of spirituality in feeling more balanced in their lives.

Brad Clark is no exception. A regular participant in Bible reading and prayer meetings with other peers during breaks at the center, the normally quiet peer recently shared his faith publicly with other peers. Standing on the porch of the education building, Brad explained how his faith in God helped him on his road to recovery.

“The more I turn problems and life’s trials over to God,” Brad explained, “The outcome seems to be better. I try to share His grace and power as my heavenly Father. When something good happens in our life, we like to share it with family and friends. We must realize who caused this to happen.”

Brad’s words were an inspiration to other peers, along with his forthright way of sharing. We hope this peer’s openness can serve as an example to others as they strive toward wellness and balance in their own lives.

In the photo, Brad Clark shares his personal spiritual beliefs and encourages others.

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