Ronnie Harvey2At Perry Wellness Center, we enjoy working with other community providers to ensure the best range of services for our peers. One familiar face we saw recently was Ronnie Harvey, who worked for many years as the director of a local Harvey’s Supermarket.

These days, Ronnie Harvey has taken on a new role, as he works as a group home manager with the local community services board, Middle Flint Behavioral HealthCare. Fifteen residents in his program are also peers at PWC. They live at three different local sites in the area.

Mr. Ronnie seems to have adjusted well to his change in career. “I have learned that life is valuable,” he notes. He appreciates the efforts of all people who strive to help others and offers support to our efforts here.

“This place does a great job for my peers and all others who choose to come to this active site,” he explained with a smile. “I hear only good comments about peers’ days at Perry Wellness Center.”

He knows that the needs of individuals who receive services can change daily and tries to anticipate the needs of residents in area group homes. He sees a similar commitment at Perry Wellness Center and praised Stuart Perry for such efforts: “You are your staff make the necessary [adjustments] to address these personal and collective changes. I salute your efforts.”

Ronnie Harvey, we salute you as well. Whether serving the community through a welcoming supermarket or through providing residential services to clients in need, you do so with a smile and great dedication!

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