Noah Cochran latestWe’ve shared some of the activities of staff leader Noah Cochran before, and today’s update finds Noah again hard at work.

A champion volleyball and soccer player himself, Noah is now leading weight lifting classes. Such activities are all part of leading group sessions for our participation in the Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) plan. The group of men he trains participates regularly in soccer, weightlifting and volleyball.

Noah sees his role as not only coaching participants, but educating them about the process. For example, he is quick to ensure that warm-ups are performed before exercise sessions in order to prevent muscle pain or damage. He also explains the importance of each element of the fitness program.

“With the WHAM program, it is vital that we explain the reasons for the activity,” Noah says. “Along with diet planning, health checks and groups, physical activity is important. I enjoy planning these activities and working out with the peers.”

In the photo, Noah Cochran enjoys a weightlifting session with center peers, as they document increases in their activity levels and personal fitness. 

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