Snow peasIf you haven’t been to our market lately, you haven’t yet discovered our even healthier produce offerings. In addition to our typical early summer market fare, we are now offering healthy broccoli, mushrooms, and snow peas.

Staffer Mulkey McMichael spends much of his time in the market and is working to provide information about better nutrition to customers, peers, and staff. He likes to focus on youngsters who visit the market, sharing his own nutritional findings with children, in hopes of turning them into healthier eaters.

“I began a personal mission of telling young customers and their parents of my goal to replace candy and calorie-filled treats,” Mulkey explains. “It seems to be working!”

These days, he is singing the praises of snow peas. “I stir fry and use snow peas in salads,” Mulkey notes. “I discovered that they are better raw and in a colorful salad. They have no calories, high fiber, and are tasty.”

He encourages families to add the healthier market produce to their menus. For meat lovers, Mulkey points out that fresh vegetables such as mushrooms, spring onions, and bell pepper make a great meat topping when sauted with a little olive oil.

In the photo above, grandmother Allene Reeves and granddaughters Tate Young, left, and Reeves Young discover the taste and nutrition of snow peas at Happy Patch Market. 

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