WeedsWith the growing number of garden and container plants at Rudy’s Happy Patach Market, peers and staff must see to continuous watering and fertilization. But with healthy growth of plants also come flourishing weeds.

The process of ridding each plant of weeds before presentation and sale at the market is time consuming. Several peer teams work to rid sections of plants from nuisance weed growth. Because of the potential effects of hot weather on outdoor workers, Perry Wellness Center founder Stuart Perry is vigilant in monitoring the situation.

“Our peers are proud of our market and want our plants to look as good as possible,” Stuart noted. “I thank them for weeding the plants but also warn them about getting proper hydration and periodic breaks in their job. It is tough for some of our peers to heed my advice.”

Even as seemingly minor a task as weeding plants can turn into an expression of teamwork and dedication for individuals working faithfully in their recovery program. We thank all our teams for their great efforts!

In a southern garden plot on the campus, Joe Schank and Gerald Shaw take on the personal challenge of weed pulling.

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