800 mulkeymcmichaelWe are proud to report that PWC staffer Mulkey McMichael has been making some positive headlines of his own. He was featured in Atlanta’s Shepherd Center on-line Newsroom recently, in an article highlighting his own experiences at the center and how he reclaimed his life after a brain injury almost 20 years ago.

The article’s title, “Former Patient with a Brain Injury Now Helps People with Mental Illness,” aptly summarizes the arc of Mulkey’s recovery from a traumatic accident in an all-terrain vehicle in 1995. Many of us who know Mulkey have already been inspired by his story. The former high school art teacher had to relearn many daily living skills after suffering an acquired brain injury. The occupational therapy and other forms of rehabilitation that he received at the Shepherd Center helped him recover and go on to the rich life he enjoys today.

A creative and busy presence at the center, Mulkey lets no grass grow under his feet. He gets in around 20 miles each week on his bicycle, cooks, writes, directs his church choir, and enjoys woodworking and other crafts in his workshop.

After retiring as the director of public relations and communications for his local school system, Mulkey came out of retirement one day later to become a part of the team at Perry Wellness Center. Mulkey draws on his experience as a patient at the Shepherd Center to provide support to others.

“It’s what life is all about – helping people,” Mulkey explains. “We don’t always realize what people are going through.” His work at Perry Wellness Center demonstrates that he has learned that important lesson, as he “pays it forward” daily.

For more information, you can read the full article on the Shepherd Center website.

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