McArthur ThompsonAfter 16 months of faithful reading and study, leadership peer McArthur Thompson nears his goal of passing the GED test in the future. He has been assisted on this journey by Wanda Liles, who has provided reading instruction for McArthur and others at Perry Wellness Center.

During his studies, McArthur realized that having a large-print dictionary on hand would be helpful in the learning process. He then sought donations to purchase such a book for Perry Wellness Center. He ordered the dictionary and, upon its arrival, shared it with Wanda Liles.

“This is a great gift to Perry Wellness Center and future reading students,” she said. “McArthur will soon visit a middle school in Sumter County and witness to the class about hard work. He also plans to read a grade-level story to the class.”

As well as the kind words for her protégé, there was also praise for Miss Wanda. “Wanda Liles, a patient and talented reading instructor for our center, has taken a very active leadership role in helping our peers and their possible future GEDs,” Stuart Perry noted. “Her future plans will involve more peers in their educational improvement.” It is hoped that a multi-level reading center can be established on the campus.

Our thanks to two great practitioners of teamwork and leadership at Perry Wellness Center!

In the above photo, Wanda Liles and McArthur Thompson open the new large-print dictionary for use at Perry Wellness Center. 

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