Among other things, we hope that you notice our clean campus when you visit Perry Wellness Tim DavenportCenter. Thanks to many peers who work to maintain our curb appeal, the grounds and buildings of the center always seem to shine!

One person who helps in this process is Tim Davenport. At the end of each day, he cleans the classroom building, the site of much foot traffic throughout the day.

“Some days I sweep and mop, but sweeping during the dry days requires more attention,” Tim notes. Although he is proud of his work at Perry Wellness Center, Tim feels he has benefitted from being here in many other ways.

“I was on the street and doing nothing,” he recalls. “Someone suggested that I check with Stuart Perry and the Perry Wellness Center. Here I am doing all I can!”

The 31-year-old peer was born in Philadelphia, but moved to Americus as an infant. He now lives in Habitat for Humanity’s Easter Morning housing and enjoys his community.

“Some days, I take transit and some days I leave early and walk the miles to Perry Wellness Center,” Tim explains. “I look at the days that I walk as my daily exercise.”

Tim volunteers that he has learned much about helping others while attending the center and shares a recent call from a depressed friend. Devastated over a failed relationship, the friend was contemplating suicide.

“I told her that such an action was not worth it. She would hurt more than herself with negative thoughts and possible suicide,” he recalls. Listening to his friend’s concerns seemed to help. “She seemed okay with our conversation.” He is proud that he has not only improved his own life by attending the center, but has learned how to better help others.

Whether at work with his trusty broom, walking faithfully to the center, or providing peer support to a friend, Tim Davenport demonstrates the message of recovery in his daily life. Thanks, Tim, for all you do!

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