Fire Pit 2A vital part of the recovery experience at Perry Wellness Center is informal conversation among peers and staff. Reminiscences are shared, jokes are told, news is discussed, and plans are made, often in the great outdoors.

During warmer weather, peers and staff tend to congregate on the front porch of the classroom building, the garden, pavilion, or any other site that offers shade. Now that fall has finally arrived in South Georgia, a new gathering spot is ready for cooler mornings – a wood burning fire pit.

The structure was constructed from surplus concrete blocks and construction and fire bricks, and the façade coating will be stucco. Two wooden access openings complete the design. Jeff Williams, project director, consulted local fire codes as he began his design.

“The weather has been hot this summer, but we all look forward to the cooler temperatures, “Jeff noted. “Early arriving peers at Perry Wellness Center enjoy building the first fire of the day. A warm fire seems to start the day with peer discussion and increased association.”

This fact reminds us that some of the best therapy is the peer support that can be found in the most casual, but welcoming environment.

In the above photo, Barry, Awan, and Jeff work together on the new fire pit in anticipation of cooler weather.

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