Seeds of PlentyIt’s the time of year when we are in full seasonal decoration mode at Perry Wellness Center. Our annual Halloween exhibit is on display and other seasonal items can be seen around campus.

Thanks to the generation donation of one couple, our seasonal garden decorations are about to receive an additional boost. Jeff and Cindy Houston, owners of the Seeds of Plenty produce stand in Warwick, Georgia, are providing us with a variety of ornamental displays to grace our garden spaces. When husband Jeff became ill and the business was closed, Cindy contacted our own Phyllis Smith about making a donation. Our gardens now feature a giant orange pumpkin, and the south garden holds a giant decorative watermelon. Other metal decorations are scattered through the campus gardens.

Jeff Williams, who always keeps our grounds artistically decorated, is pleased with the new garden features, saying, “We try to make the gardens of Perry Wellness Center a fun experience for visitors and shoppers. To have these large metal ornaments is great. They will add to the reason that people always leave Rudy’s Happy Patch Market with a smile!”

We hope many of you will drive by soon and check out our latest garden décor, as well as our comically spooky Halloween exhibit!

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