Halloween animalsThe last week in October is always a time of special celebration at Perry Wellness Center. We embrace Halloween in all its kooky, colorful glory, and one day is just not enough!

To promote creativity and socialization, we have a daily costume theme, and yesterday’s was a favorite. It was a day for everyone to dress as his or her favorite animal. All day Thursday, strange animals roamed the campus. A Georgia bulldog, also known as Stuart Perry, arrived in fine barking form. Then wife Pam Perry arrived in her frequent role as wise YOUNG owl. Daughter Amanda preened with beautiful peacock plumage, as the family joined assembled peers and staff to compare costumes.

It looked and sounded like a barnyard of oinking pigs, meowing cats, and chirping birds. The noises and unlikely mix of colors and forms only made the morning more festive, particularly at break times. When breaks were over, the assorted menagerie went back to life skills studies and other activities.

In the photo below, animal-costumed staff and peers gather in Hope Park during break time, as the Perry Wellness Center mascot, Gracie, looks on in solidarity.

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