CupcakesWhen we think of cupcakes at Perry Wellness Center, we think of Amanda Perry. And no, we’re not being sexist or even commenting on her natural sweetness. The fact is that Amanda is a talented  designer – a quality that make her a natural for creating colorful cupcakes – both to eat and to wear!

During our recent Spirit Week, Amanda brought her talents to the last costume she designed for Friday’s costume day. She selected a cupcake costume, as she knew that the dessert for Friday’s lunch was – cupcakes!

“This costume was fun!” Amanda enthused. “I had to review cupcake designs, but the cotton seemed best for my topping. I had to put the colored “topping” dots in the cotton one at a time. That took me last night to complete!”

When not bringing humor and whimsy to fashion and other design, Amanda makes other contributions to Perry Wellness Center every day. She works on improving the programs for peers and is proud of her father’s legacy, even as Stuart Perry and wife Pam are proud of the compassionate young woman who has taken her own place in the program.

"It is vital that we understand the lives of those we serve,” Amanda explained. “Mental illness can be prevalent in all families. I believe that our awareness of positive activity and learning at Perry Wellness Center has widened." And whether dressing up for Spirit Week or providing a listening ear to others, Amanda Perry demonstrates her commitment to wellness and recovery.

In the photo above, the edible cupcakes were commercially made, but Amanda is homegrown in her own cupcake creation.

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