Mad HatterIt may be November, but we’re still playing catch-up from what was a very eventful October! The last week of October was both our 15th anniversary Journey for Life celebration and our annual Spirit Week. Both occasions featured time for both reflection and laughter.

As Stuart Perry reminded everyone at the Journey for Life recognition ceremony, “Today is a great day for our increasing awareness of progress in helping those who suffer from mental illness and substance abuse. Our programs will improve as we work to address other needs in our world. Hang on and join us to celebrate additional years of helping others.”

Halloween week became a time for various costumes, too many sweets, and a healthy doze of fun. The week’s themes:

Monday – Wacky Tacky Day

Tuesday – Favorite Holiday

Wednesday – Perry Wellness Center Day

Thursday – Favorite Animal Day

Friday – Halloween Costume Party

One of the highlights of the week was the opportunity to see staff member Kelly Jansen share his multiple talents. A culinary graduate of South Georgia Technical College, Kelly is our talented chef at the center. But he is also a dedicated individual who tries to make each day better for peers or staff who are stressed. Last week, he applied his artistic skills to the task of helping individuals create their most imaginative Halloween costumes yet.

Kelly enjoys traveling and has collected many costumes over his travels that lend themselves to the Halloween theme. He enjoys sharing his elaborate masks with others at PWC.

Last week, one of Kelly’s favorite challenges was the creation of a Mad Hatter costume for peer Kaylon Holt. For the occasion, he loaned Kaylon the perfect hat and found other accessories in the center’s thrift shop. As a final touch, Kelly applied the contouring facial makeup to capture the essence of the childhood storybook favorite.

“During Halloween, there is no reason to be ‘down,’” Kelly explains. “I do enjoy making others feel better. Costumes can cover distress and seem to allow us to be a new person for the day.”

With insights and talents such as these, Kelly Jansen has captured the “spirit” of what Halloween week is truly about at Perry Wellness Center.

Now, on to more holidays!

In the photo above, Kelly Jansen applies makeup touches to Kaylon Holt’s Mad Hatter.

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