Jeffrey BowenEvery spare moment at Perry Wellness Center is an opportunity for self-improvement.  Peers and staff are all encouraged to recognize that each has a job to do for the betterment of Perry Wellness Center, as well as for themselves.

Jeffrey Bowen, who has been enrolled at the center for two months, is one recent example of putting time to good use. Jeffrey was recently selected to be a part of the receptionist/greeter team in the lobby of our growing campus. Although Jeffrey is known for his quiet demeanor, he rose to the occasion in his new duties. He also put his “down” time to good use, studying to improve his reading skills and word usage. To assist him in his efforts, Jeffrey studies with a personally prepared Word Search notebook.

His quiet attention and detailed approach to his personal improvement have served as an example to other peers and staff at the center. Thanks, Jeffrey!

In the above photo, Jeffrey Bowen works to improve his word recognition skills during a break from regular duties.

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