Winter mealsSpring and summer are our most hectic seasons at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. And in the spirit of true confession, it must be noted that some of us, both staff and peers, questioned Stuart Perry’s decision to fill our freezers with so many shelled peas and butter beans, especially while trying to keep up with other market demands.

Now in the middle of January, Stuart’s decision to purchase, shell, and freeze hundreds of bushels of these delicious legumes seems like one of his wiser decisions. “I know some staff and peers questioned my decision to buy so many peas and butter beans from local farmers,” Stuart says with a smile. “Now, these individuals like to taste of spring and summer during these winter days."

At least two days each week, peas or butter beans accompany a lunch of broiled meats and fresh fruits – not too mention the small side of cornbread. The culinary staff relies on artful seasoning and the right produce to keep meals delicious. You’ll see few salt shakers on our tables! With rotating cooking staff in the professional kitchen, only the most dedicated peers are selected for participation. Constant awareness of good food and the right menu selections is a must.

A total wellness program includes a strong emphasis on healthy eating. We believe that food must be both nutritious and delicious – and during a blustery winter week, a warm, tasty lunch is one of the highlights of the day!

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