Agrium 2015 1As part of our agricultural grant from Agrium, Inc. we have tackled our first winter crop in raised gardening beds. The enterprise has created new learning experiences from both staff and our peer garden “owners.” The recent cold weather has led to a greater focus on proper watering and growing temperatures, as well as winter harvesting.

“This project has become become very rewarding to staff, peers, and to me,” explains Phyllis Smith, Agrium project manager. “It is fun to see each bed as the greens cover the sides of the garden bins. We look forward to the coming harvest.”

Harvested vegetables will be shared in the Perry Wellness Center cafeteria, sold by peers at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, and offered to several local restaurants as part of our efforts to promote a “farm to table” experience.

In the photo above, Miss Phyllis examines the status of abundant rutabagas, collards, and kale in one winter garden bed.

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