Winter basketballAs you already know, outdoor sports are a year-round activity at Perry Wellness Center. When the weather gets cooler, basketball transitions to volleyball. But during a recent bit of warmer temperatures, peers and staff lost no time in putting on short-sleeved shirts and getting out the “round ball” for some vigorous team basketball.

Noah Cochran, a PWC counselor, explains the importance of such activity in a recovery program, noting: “As we play basketball, the peers and I have discussion about weight-lifting and other independent or team sports at Perry Wellness Center. Our wellness program is adopting more sports for our peers and staff.”

It’s not too soon for staff and peers to discuss the addition of spring sports, to which everyone looks forward when the days are milder. In addition to team tennis, held on the courts of the Americus-Sumter County High School South Campus, additional walking and running routes are in the planning process. Many of these athletic activities will become a part of individual peers’ Whole Health Action Management (W.H.A.M.) plans, which promotes self-management of one’s total wellness.

So whether the skies are balmy or bleak, you can except to see a flurry of physical activity going on whenever you pass by the PWC campus.

In the photo above, peers gather for an out-of-season basketball game.

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