Mental WellnessAs we told you last week, January is Mental Wellness Month. To help close out the month, we wanted to share some tips for improving your own mental wellness.

Individuals can learn to develop skills that improve general mental wellness. If practiced enough, they can become regular habits. Some of these skills include:

    • Resilience – being able to cope with and recover from unpleasant events;
    • Self-appreciation – being able to recognize one’s own strengths and weaknesses;
    • Affiliation – being able to develop and maintain friendships and a large support network;
    • Negotiation – being able to accept lack of knowledge and focus on a life-long learning process.

In addition to these skills, other suggestions for developing mental wellness include:

    • practicing both mental and physical exercise;
    • participating in frequent leisure activities;
    • maintaining a positive attitude;
    • learning to laugh at one’s mistakes;
    • eating a healthy diet;
    • getting enough sleep;
    • practicing self-awareness through activities such as meditation or yoga.

Mental wellness is needed in everyone’s toolbox. It’s never too early or too late to develop your own mental health and wellness. Happy Mental Wellness Month!

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