Willie Pryor 2015At Perry Wellness Center, the gentleman fondly known as “Mr. Willie” is peer Willie Pryor. He is currently helping out with the management of our greenhouses and the displays at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. As you can imagine, this is a particularly busy time of year for him!

His work includes setting up the early morning displays of vegetables and fruits at the market, as well as keeping the drainage rock and gravel level in the greenhouses. Without his close oversight, there is the potential for missteps and accidents.

Explains Stuart Perry, “This might appear to be a minor chore, but Mr. Willie takes pride in leveling this rock and cleaning the rock floors of any debris.” He concludes, “He is a valuable part of our market opening and management.”

In the photo, Willie Pryor levels drainage gravel in a Happy Patch greenhouse at Perry Wellness Center.

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