Pete Smith and fernsAt Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, we always try to promote an atmosphere of hospitality toward customers by our staff and peers. Apparently, some of our customers are paying it forward!

Recently, Sumter County Sheriff Pete Smith stopped by the market to visit with Stuart Perry, review our latest construction, and check out early plant varieties. Meanwhile, Mrs. Mindy Corbin browsed through the market with a friend. When she reached checkout, she noted that she had purchased so much, including large ferns, that she would need to make more than one trip home! Sheriff Smith overheard her comment and quickly spoke up, asking where his fellow customer lived. Learning it was nearby, he moved into action.

“We must be careful not to crowd these plants and damage some of their growth,” Sheriff Smith explained. “I will follow you and help with delivery.”

The purchases then were divided by peers and staff for proper delivery. In the above photo, Sheriff Pete Smith, Shalisa Dodson, office manager; Phyllis Smith, market manager, customer Mindy Corbin, and peer Malcolm Johnson prepare the delivery.

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