Sarah Cobb 2015As the current school year nears its end, Sumter County schools make plans to restock supplies for the coming year. Our “partner” school, Sarah Cobb Elementary is no exception. In a small way, we like to think that our efforts help this local school’s planning process.

If you wonder why we think of an elementary school as a partner to an adult recovery center, it’s because we both have a commitment to education, and the school has offered us a helping hand on many occasions. As we’ve previously reported, Sarah Cobb has offered assistance to us with our adult literacy efforts, providing books and workbooks for our peers’ use. The school has graciously allowed peers to speak to classrooms and promote the learning experience.

Perry Wellness Center, in turn, has provided emptied ink cartridges from the many printers and copiers on our campus. (With daily documentation on 77 enrolled peers, you can imagine the amount of ink we go through!) The used ink cartridges can be recycled and funds used to purchase a variety of school supplies.

“We are happy that we can help a school with purchasing supplies,” notes PWC founder Stuart Perry. “We have found a school that is always gracious to receive these cartridges and use them to purchase educational products to help young students.”

Our thanks to Sarah Cobb Elementary for reminding us that learning is ageless!

In the above photo, peer and campus guide Rhonda Hubbard, left, is welcomed by Sarah Cobb Principal Barbara Watford and Jeanette Mitchell for a recent delivery of used ink cartridges.

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