Raised beds 2015When we began our raised garden bed project last year, we never knew how popular it would become. The project was begun through a grant with Agrium International. Peers were taught everything about the gardening process, from planting to harvesting of produce.

This season, peers lost no time in claiming a spot to plant their gardens. A variety of produce will be raised in these garden beds, as a peer-staff project.

“The project is a learning experience for our peers,” market manager Phyllis Smith explains. The peers learn plant selection, correct planting, garden maintenance, harvesting, and selling at Happy Patch Market.”

Adds PWC founder Stuart Perry, “We are trying to make every project at Perry Wellness Center a learning experience for our peers. For peers to have their own private space for gardening has been good.”

In the photo above, certified peer specialist Cloe Milsaps and peer Laurie Slaton team up to plant tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers in a selected garden bed.

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