No weights exerciseOnly days after joining the Perry Wellness Center family, Ronald Boykin has begun to organize self-help programs for both peers and staff. One project is a new weight-loss/exercise program.

While recently talking with peer Tommy Green about weight loss, Ronald volunteered, “I once weighed too much. I have lost 100 pounds and will continue my self-designed exercise program.” He acknowledged the importance of proper diet, adding, “I still eat what I want but also watch volume intake.” Tommy has now made the commitment to practice a daily exercise routine with Ronald.

The exercise program Ronald recommends requires no weight or other equipment and only personal space for the core enrichment program, known as 15-5-10-10. Rather than weight lifting, running, or other traditional activities, the exercise regimen focuses on four simple, but challenging, activities. The first 15 moves are squats, followed by five push-ups. Next are 10 high kicks with leg extension. The final ten moves are toe touches with full body extension. The exercises are completed in a non-stop routine of 20 sets.

Ronald explained, “It is important to learn that these four activities can be strenuous, and proper breathing is mandatory. These motions affect the core of the body. When these larger muscles become more fit, then we can move on with abs and arm and leg muscles. This is all about cardio and strength training in one session.”

In the photo above, Tommy Green and Ronald Boykin begin their first session of 15-5-10-10 personal exercises for men. After demonstrating success with Tommy, Ronald hopes to welcome other men into the training. A possible women’s health program is also planned.

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