FourthofJulyWe’re wishing all our supporters a very happy Fourth of July weekend! In the spirit of mental health awareness, remember these facts during the holiday:

    • Holidays can often be a time of social isolation for individuals with mental illness or substance abuse problems. Invite someone you know who is experiencing one of these conditions to your Fourth of July picnic or to join you in watching the women’s World Cup final this Sunday.
    • Many individuals with post traumatic stress disorder and other types of mental disorders are very sensitive to fireworks. Be a considerate neighbor.
    • Avoid making alcohol the center of your holiday celebrations. A little more sobriety will reduce holiday road fatalities and domestic violence. If you are serving alcohol at your festivities, make sure that there are non-alcoholic alternatives for those who are trying to stay on the road to recovery from substance abuse problems.

While the Fourth of July holiday commemorates our country’s declaration of independence from British rule, we hope this holiday allow you to celebrate your own personal freedoms, including freedom from the devastating effects of a mental illness or substance abuse problem. Celebrate independence and celebrate recovery!

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