Pea PrepAt Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, it’s the time of year when we’re swimming in peas and butter beans. Locally grown fresh beans and peas are consistently among the most popular items at the market. In summer we are processing fresh beans for immediate use as well as prepping and freezing them for use after the current season.

To keep up with the volume of work involved, a large number of peers help out with shelling, cleaning, and packing. However, we don’t want to cut into group activities for wellness and recovery. So work stations are established for use during “off” hours’ e.g., after lunch, early arrivals, etc., as well as for use by peers who can’t participate in physical wellness activities. Peers can assemble at several tables in the cafeteria to spread out peas and beans, removed debris, and bag them. (Once shelled, beans and peas are not washed, in order to preserve freshness. Customers are reminded to properly wash their vegetables before eating.

Currently, Rudy’s Happy Patch Market has sealed bushel, half-bushel, quart, and pint-size bags available.

In the above photo, James Forster, left, and James Mahone team up at a “men’s table” to sort and clean fresh butter beans.

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