GSWC nursing studentsA tradition continues at Perry Wellness Center, as senior nursing students at Georgia Southwestern State University recently visited our campus. As part of their training, nursing students are required to visit mental health facilities in order to broaden their understanding of individuals with mental health problems and to learn about their treatment needs.

Last week, four students visited our campus for a day of orientation. They visited with some of our 77 peers, attended groups, and sat in on life skills classes. Current events were also discussed, as well as new physical activities on the roster.

We enjoyed their visit and hope they did as well. In particular, we appreciate the fact that, on such a warm day, they were actively involved in a rousing game of volleyball!

The nursing students visiting Perry Wellness Center were (left to right in above photo): Kristan Turner, Atlanta; Julie Gullatt, Macon; Allison Pastor, Vero Beach, FL; and JB Hammond, Leslie.

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