KatrinaBecoming a peer for the first time at Perry Wellness Center must feel like the first day of school. People are strangers at first, the routine is unfamiliar, and one’s insecurities tend to be high.

But the newest client at Perry Wellness Center, Katrina, received a warm welcome upon her recent arrival on campus. With her ready smile, Katrina offered the assurance of her friendship to other peers and staff.

Only a few minutes after arriving for her first day, Katrina found herself at a table filled with other peers. She was asked a range of questions – Where did she come from? What were her living arrangements? What were her plans at Perry Wellness Center? Without hesitation, Katrina shared information with her new peer group and joined in the activities of the day.

The success of Katrina’s introduction to Perry Wellness Center was due to a combination of factors, from her own friendly demeanor to the respect and interest of peers. Staff preparations also made a difference, as they prepared for everything from her orientation to her specific dietary needs.

“It is great that our peers took time and made the effort to welcome this new peer to our campus,” Stuart Perry noted. “And Katrina has a smile that will assure her of good times and increased friendship at Perry Wellness Center.”

Welcome, Katrina!

In the photo above, new peer Katrina takes a break after breakfast to work on an art project.

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