Sue LapinskiAt Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, providing quality, customer satisfaction and choice are major service goals. From butterbeans to famous Chase Farms corn, area farms provide a majority of the fresh produce offered at Rudy’s Happy Patch. Primarily through word of mouth, customers have learned of our large product variety, competitive prices, and preparation choices.

“We do all we can to best meet customer needs and desires,” explains Phyllis Smith, market manager. “One customer came in today and wanted a bushel of unshelled cream peas,” Phyllis notes. “Most had been shelled, but the customer said that [shelling peas] was ‘good therapy’ after a hectic day.

Recently, Sue Lapinski stopped by to select fresh produce. When asked about having her corn shucked, she laughed and said, “I like to do it myself! I do it inside with air conditioning. I spread out a sheet and sit with the corn and shuck it. When finished, I dump the shucks as a mulch.”

In the photo above, Phyllis Smith, left, helps Sue Lapinski check the correct count on her two dozen ears of corn, throwing in two extra ears – unshucked! – for her enjoyment. 

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