Working outOn a recent stroll around the campus of Perry Wellness Center, peers were engaged in a variety of exercise and sports activities. Singly or in groups, peers worked on their physical fitness as part of their overall recovery program.

In one area, several individuals are enjoying a lively game of team basketball. Less than 50 yards away, a single peer works out under the shade of the outdoor pavilion. Tommy Green says he has always enjoyed weight lifting. Today he combines his favorite exercise with keeping a close eye on the busy pea sheller nearby.

“I am working out for my health,” Tommy explains. “I now weigh 240 pounds but want to lose weight for my family and my personal health.” Having already lost a good deal of weight, Tommy concludes with a smile, “I want to show my abs. I know they are under there!”

A few feet away, Bobby Battle selects a single weight for his personal lifting program. At the age of 48, Bobby works to combat the challenge of diabetes and for overall good health.

“I have been doing some type of weight lifting for almost 30 years,” Bobby reports. “I don’t challenge anyone else. I only want to do this for personal health. It makes the blood move, and it makes me feel better when I am finished.”

Both Bobby and Tommy, left to right above, are also fulfilling the challenges of their Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) plans at Perry Wellness Center. The plans are designed to give peers better self-management of their physical and mental health. From the look of things, they are definitely both in charge of their health!

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