Nursing students 2015Two nursing students from Georgia Southwestern State University recently continued a long tradition between the university and Perry Wellness Center when they visited our campus as part of their program of study. Ashley Smith and Kelly Maxwell are both senior nursing students at the local university. They spent time in our program to learn more about mental health services in the community.

On their arrival, the two students were greeted by Noah Cochran, who serves as a counselor at PWC as well as its director of student information and involvement. Within a few minutes, Noah had shared the history and mission of the growing center.

“As our peer/client population increases,” Noah explained, “So does our mission to tailor-make a recovery program for each peer.” Noah also discussed the program format of a typical day at the center, including support groups, current events discussions, and other activities, from chores and exercise to recreation and meals.

The young women were introduced to all aspects of the program, toured the campus, and learned the personal stories of many peers.

“This was a fun day, as we saw firsthand some of the good things that are provided for mentally ill and substance abuse clients at Perry Wellness Center,” said Ashley Smith.

The staff and peers at Perry Wellness Center always enjoy the opportunity to educate the public about our services and appreciate the special relationship which has developed with the local nursing department. Recently, the student nurses have even begun making periodic donations to Kaylon Holt’s pop top collection program, for the benefit of the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus, Georgia.

In the above photo, Ashley Smith, left, and Kelly Maxwell are welcomed to the Perry Wellness Center by Noah Cochran.

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