Fall replanting 2Have you ever noticed how the first hint of cooler fall weather seems to give us a renewed burst of energy after the end-of-summer blahs? It is definitely true at Perry Wellness Center.

Today we felt a tinge of autumn in the air, and peers and staff bustled around the campus with a sense of purpose. Fall is a favorite time for peers to work on maintenance needs of the campus, to prepare the grounds and market for a change of seasons, and to store the lawn mowers, pea shellers, and other summer equipment.

“Fall is a fun time at Perry Wellness Center,” founder Stuart Perry observed. “We realize that the chores of a hot summer are past and the celebration of cooler weather is evident.”

Even though summer-like temperatures are anticipated by week’s end, the excitement of anticipation will help prepare us for autumn activities and the coming holidays. The change in chores and daily routines will include design and construction of a new building addition to the Perry Wellness Center campus.

The cycle continues. In the photo above, Connie R. begins her routine chore of dividing overgrown plants and flowers for repotting and future spring growth.

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