Art roomIt’s a very busy time at Perry Wellness Center. Several projects are going on, and we are happy the weather is so balmy during our labors! One project is a major landscaping effort off campus. According to Mulkey McMichael, a group of peers picked and placed approximately $1300 of plants for a Marion County client. A total of 104 flowers are now being planted by the team.

“I am now reliving my landscaping days,” Mulkey noted. “Life is good!”

Equal enthusiasm surrounds another project – this one on campus. Jeff Williams is coordinating the building of a new art room. A portion of the most recently constructed greenhouse is being converted into a classroom for several peer art students.

In the photo above, project director Jeff Williams paints the outside of the new art room, located in the north greenhouse. Hope he is enjoying the fall weather as he works!

We’ll update you on all our projects as they progress.

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