Spirit Week 2016“Spirit” is a celebrated term at Perry Wellness Center, whether referring to team spirit, a positive attitude, or the reliance upon spiritual principles in peers’ lives. At no time is the spirit of Perry Wellness Center celebrated more than during our annual Spirit Week in late October.

This year, the week of October 26-30 has been designated as Spirit Week. What does that designation mean, you might ask? It is time for a week-long series of celebrations, including lots of costumes, seasonal decorations, food, and music.

Today we kicked off Spirit Week with our Favorite Sports Team Day. Many peers and staff came to the campus dressed to represent their favorite team. It should come as no surprise that the Georgia Bulldogs seemed to dominate the team choices. Among others, Stuart, Pam, and Amanda Perry donned the Bulldog colors and led supportive cheers throughout the day. If you listened closely, you could hear Stuart frequently saying, “Hut, hut,” as he relived his own days as a high school and college football star.

Tomorrow, the theme will be Favorite Television Character, followed by Wednesday’s Favorite Holiday. Thursdays is a perennial favorite of Spirit Weeks, as peers and staff don their some out-there costumes to celebrate Wacky Tacky Day. The week will close out with Costume Day, where all remaining costume ideas can be made into reality and worn to a closing Spirit Week party celebration.

“This is a favorite time for me, our peer clients, and staff,” Perry Wellness Center Stuart Perry says. “We can cover the ‘normalcy’ that we possess and choose our favorite characters and holidays. It is fun!”

In the above photo, sports costumes abound in Hope Park, with UGA insignia and colors dominating the display. In the center of several peers and staff, our own mascot, Gracie, seems poised to protect her family. She might not be a Georgia bulldog, but she suits us well!

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