Rocky BalboaAlthough the job description of Perry Wellness Center founder Stuart Perry seems to change and grow with each passing day, his greatest focus remains on the peers, staff, and family members who surround him. Spend just a short time with him, and you will realize how much Stuart loves life and people. Each day, he listens to the needs and aspirations of individuals as they fight mental illness or substance abuse.

“I am here to help any in need,” Stuart explains. “I will take time to listen to the needs of others, and I have learned about the network of others who want to help the increasing population of people in need throughout Southwest Georgia.” With a smile, Stuart offered this assurance: “After my family and my canine daughter, Gracie, I will do almost anything to help others.”

And others are wiling to help him out as well. During this week of fall celebration-- Spirit Week, Stuart has received much assistance from wife Pam and daughter Amanda, as they select the best costume for him each day. Being a participant in a week of costumes, games and parties is one of the favorite parts of his job description.

“Dressing up for this annual celebration is fun,” Stuart admits. “It seems that each of us want to change our appearance and have fun.”

Stuart demonstrates his commitment to fun in the above photo, as he poses as a protective Rocky Balboa, guarding his family members. After his daughter posted this image on Facebook, Stuart came in for his share of good-natured ribbing. We’re almost certain that bringing a smile to others is also part of his job description!

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