Christmas toddlerWhile it’s possible some guest may have arrived without a smile at last week’s Cheer Up the Blues open house, everyone appeared to have left with visible good cheer. So we’re declaring the blues a no-show!

From 5:00 – 7:00 pm. on Thursday, December 17, the campus of Perry Wellness Center was open to visitors. Rudy’s Happy Patch Market was filled with color, food samples, goodie bags, and live music. While the weather was unseasonably warm, it matched the welcoming smiles of staff and peers. Over cups of steaming apple cider and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, guests chatted, asked questions, and checked out market buys.

Santa 2015Many children arrived with their parents for a visit with Santa Claus, who graciously joined us for the evening. After the visit, this Santa noted, “This was my first time of visiting Perry Wellness Center. Santa likes smiles, and there was no shortage of happiness and good feelings for the Christmas celebration.” Santa lamented the fact that he had not made it to the cafeteria in time for hot soup and fresh cornbread, but exclaimed, “I guess I will have enough cookies on my annual sleigh ride, but I have heard about the meals at Perry Wellness Center.

Santa, come back next year, and we promise to leave a big bowl of soup under the tree for you.

In the photos, children and other visitors demonstrate their belief in Santa as they celebrate the true “reason for the season.”

Santa 2015 2

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