Spring PlanningWe may find ourselves in the dead of winter, but it’s not too early to be planning for spring activities at Perry Wellness Center. At a recent early meeting on current events, plans were shared and peers were challenged as well as encouraged.

Counselor Noah Cochran opened with a challenge for peers who are pursuing team sports at the center. “We are all convinced of the good works at Perry Wellness Center,” he explained, “But I need to remind each of you of the importance of a good attitude and working together.” As a basketball team coach, is concerned with maintaining good morale on the team. He told current team members that there was no room on the team for a bad attitude. “If you want to promote drama on this team, please don’t sign up,” he concluded.

After current events and trends, both in the area and worldwide, were shared, PWC founder Stuart Perry echoed Cochran’s message and then informed the group of changes to come on the campus.

“We have plans to continue our construction projects and make our campus more suitable for each of you,” Stuart said. “Already, the plants for our spring and summer market have been ordered, and soon we will be shelling peas and butter beans.” Smiling, he continued, “I know it was 29 degrees this morning, but we must look for warmer weather and more activity on our campus.”

With 77 clients enrolled and others on a waiting list for enrollment, expansion and organized planning are critical. As Stuart concluded, “We are trying to meet individual and team needs. We must work together to support our future plans.”

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