PodcastAs a behavioral health recovery center, Perry Wellness has a commitment to ongoing training and education for individuals in the recovery community, as well as the general public. One way that information can be provided is through a huge variety of videos and podcasts online.

We browsed some of the latest offerings from several organizations with strong mental health education programs and thought we’d share a couple of these with our readers.

Mental Health Foundation is a British organization that offers a series of podcasts and videos on a range of mental health topics. Sample titles include:

  • What is self management?
  • Mindfulness: 10 minute practice exercise
  • Wellbeing and nutrition
  • Exercise and mental health
  • Stress and the mind: quick fix relaxation exercise

Most of these subjects should sound familiar to many of our readers, as they focus on mind-body connections and self care for individuals with mental illness.

And added bonus: listen to these if you like British accents as much as some of us do!

Another source of helpful podcasts is Player FM. Its website has an entire section on mental health topics, including the following titles:

  • Conversations about mental illness
  • Break the stigma podcast
  • One hour at a time
  • The experts speak
  • Spirituality in recovery

The wonderful thing about self-help videos is the ability to watch them anywhere, anytime on a smartphone or laptop. As for podcasts, anyone with an Ipod or other music player can listen to a broadcast during a walk, jog, or drive.

Just as many of you exercise daily and watch what you eat, consider making self-help education a part of your wellness routine. With a few clicks of a mouse, you’ll be ready to check out everything from deep breathing exercises for stress to ideas for healthier living.

Just click on one of the links below to explore further, or Google “mental health podcasts” or “mental health videos” to check out other sites.

Mental Health Foundation

Player FM


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