Books for Sumter ChildrenFor some time, Perry Wellness Center has maintained a commitment to adult literacy. Behavioral health problems interfered with the learning curve for many peers, and many training efforts at the center focus on improving reading comprehension, helping peers prepare to take the GED, and teaching basic reading skills.

In addition to holding literacy classes at the center, Perry Wellness Center has send peers into local classrooms to promote the importance of early education. Another way in which several staff provide community support for literacy is through the “Books for Sumter Children” program. Through this program, local children, from birth through aged 5, are mailed a free book each month. In addition, the program is open to both English- and Spanish-speaking children.

Every month, a new book will arrive at the home of each program member. The book is selected for age-appropriateness. Parents and other caregivers are urged to read the books to or with the child.

Registration forms for membership in the Books for Sumter Children program have been shared with peers, grandparents, and staff with qualifying children. Throughout the year, volunteers and organization board members will provide registration forms at community events and gatherings. At any time, a registration form can be obtained by calling 229-924-8091.

In the photo above, Wanda Liles (seated) – a dedicated peer literacy educator – presents a registration form to Sonya and Kevin Mullins, who have a three-year-old daughter at home. This is the second registration form to be completed by a Perry Wellness Center parent. We look forward to many more to come.

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