Fire pit 2016Part of our spring preparations at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market involve adding a dose of color to our campus. No, we’re not talking about spring flowers this time. One hint: it involves designer/artist Jeff Williams and a paint brush!

“Give Jeff a paintbrush, no matter how large or small, and Jeff spreads color and a fun environment,” is just one of the comments that have been made about his influence on the colorful campus. In addition to adding a coat of new paint to buildings, signs, and outdoor structures, Jeff makes himself equally handy with a hammer. He has been involved in not only designing and completing greenhouses, arbors, pergolas, and other structures, but in keeping them in good repair.

Jeff has also trained several staff members and peers in his efforts. Right now, they are tackling several cement and wooden structures at our sprawling complex. In the photo above, Jeff, at left, works with Jantwan Twiggs to give the Southwestern adobe-style fire pit a fresh coat of bright colors for the season.

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