Paul DicksonTeam basketball is a fun, vigorous, and sometimes aggressive sport, as Paul Dickson recently found out the hard way. An active peer and sports lover at Perry Wellness Center, Paul enjoys both electronic basketball game play and actual competition. Last week, he was enjoying a one-on-one basketball game, when he fell and suffered a broken bone in his left foot.

Paul was taken to the doctor, where he received warnings about the likely pain and the need to wear a prescribed “boot” on the affected foot. But on Monday morning, Paul hobbled to the center with no boot to be seen. Quickly, he was again warned about the need to wear the medical boot to avoid further bone damage and increased pain.

“Paul is an aggressive player and did not realize the potential for further damage and increased pain to his foot,” explained Noah Cochran, his basketball team coach. “He finally put his boot back on his hurt foot.” Now he consistently wears the boot and travels only on crutches. Even stubborn and healthy athletes can realize that they are only human!

Paul’s experience became the subject of a W.H.A.M. group session on following doctor’s orders and avoiding injury. It’s true that life experience often makes the best lesson.

In the photo above, Paul Dickson eyes his beloved basketball court, but follows doctor’s orders and stays off the court.

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