Knock Out RosesRudy’s Happy Patch Market manager Phyllis Smith is a busy woman these days, as the market is in full swing.

“No one really knows the total number of different plant varieties we offer,” she reflects. “We often say, ‘If God made it, we sell it.’ “

She does know that roses are one of the best-selling items at the market, in a seemingly endless number of varieties.

“I know that the ‘Knock Out’ rose has been popular again this season,” Miss Phyllis explains. “The variety is hearty and blooms year round in our area. We still have hundreds in yellow, red, and deep red, some with single and double petals. Yellow has been the most popular.”

When a customer selects a rose bush for purchase, it is loaded in their vehicle in an effort to prevent accidental contact with the prickly thorns. All roses have spent blooms removed and are vigorous and healthy. Each day, the moisture level of the roses is checked. Increased temperatures can be harmful to the flowers, which are displayed on wooden palettes for customers.

We may not know the exact number of plants for sale, but customers are invited to browse among the thousands on hand at 302 E. Furlow Street, Americus, on the campus of Perry Wellness Center.

In the photo above, Javin Baker sweeps the display area of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, as market manager Phyllis Smith removes spent blooms from plants.

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