Project planningIn addition to being an award-winning fine artist and the creative mastermind behind the colorful, unique graphics and garden structures, Jeff Williams is a planner. Now that may sound less creative than painting works of art that have been on display at the Louvre (true!), but it’s all in a day’s work for Jeff in his role as project director at Perry Wellness Center.

When new construction is planned, Jeff takes a lead role in designing it – whether greenhouse, fountain, pond, or fire pit, to name a few campus improvements. He then oversees construction, while adding his own labor to each project. Jeff also monitors implementation of any project to ensure it is completed correctly and on time.

But planning is a top priority, as Jeff explains: “It is important that we save time and gas money with any trips to local markets and to the job site. I try to walk through the process and be sure that I have all of the materials that I need.”

As Jeff arrived at work at 7:45 one recent morning, he had already previewed the job at hand for the day, and he knew the specific demands for equipment and peer support. Still, our camera caught him in early morning consultation with his lead construction assistant, peer Jantwan Twiggs, at the south gate of the Perry Wellness Center campus.

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