SignageRecently we told you about our updated welcome sign at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. But we’ve also been updating and relocating other signage as well.

We’ve placed our signs in areas with the highest traffic, freshened them up, and made sure they’ll catch each visitor’s eye.

One favorite sign is a listing of all area farmers whose produce we sell. We’re proud to represent these farms as we strive to bring the freshest local produce to customers’ tables, while we help support the local farm economy.  Visitors will find this sign in the north parking area of the market.

We also used signage to help remind customers of their shopping needs – sometimes ones they didn’t even know they had until the learned of certain items’ availability. Market manager Phyllis Smith knows that, with the seasonal variability of particular produce and other plants, it’s important to have reminders.

“It seems that many customers are relying on reminder lists when they shop at Happy Patch,” she observes. “I try to keep the parking area updated to serve as a reminder of possible products that the customer may not have thought about.”

While signs provide important information, the market tries to be flexible with customer needs. In other words, just because it isn’t on a sign, don’t be afraid to ask! For example, in addition to listed products, Miss Phyllis points out that special orders for processed items are also taken. Market workers will shell customers’ home-grown peas and butterbeans at a cost of $5 per bushel, and corn shucking is available, along with other product preparation.

“All we ask is that the private peas and beans are brought to us on shelling days,” Miss Phyllis explains. “We try to shell and process peas and bean on a timely basis, but our barrel sheller does not produce each day. Customers need to drop by or call me or our market at 229-942-9313.”

In addition to our colorful and helpful signs, we continue to offer – at no cost – service with a smile!

In the photo above, Jantwan Twiggs and Jeff Williams affix a relocated market sign for maximum visibility.

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