Market saleWith the current heat wave in Southwest Georgia, the inventory of locally grown produce at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market is closely monitored. Market manager Phyllis Smith takes the time to check that incoming produce remains of the highest quality, while site-grown vegetables are tended regularly.

“The heat has been blistering and tough on some of our local farmers, but we are doing what we must to provide only the freshest and choice products for our customers,” she explains.

Maintenance costs rise with the temperatures, as she notes: “We are increasingly aware of the cost of water and labor to keep plants properly watered.

Tomatoes remain one of the most popular items at the market. Due to a larger harvest in the peer-maintained garden beds on campus, they are abundant now. While smaller than commercial farm-grown tomatoes, they often have a better taste.

Blooming flowers are also in large supply at the market. “We want to make our large inventory available to our customers,” Miss Phyllis says. “We have many 2-3 gallon plants at a special summer price. Our roses have been well maintained, and the spent flowers are routinely removed. The color is spectacular in our rose areas.”

As shown in the above photo, customers can enjoy Summer Sale price reductions at their next visit to the market.


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