Red shellerAs the summer season deepens, the varieties of available produce at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market change accordingly. For example, the market for larger purple hull peas has slowed. Now customers are clamoring for the small pea known variously as the cream pea, lady cream pea, and lady pea, among other designations.

Market manager Phyllis Smith tries to stay abreast of demand and availability in her produce inventory and explains, “We try to offer our customers’ desires. In the past we have offered five different varieties of peas. We have offered purple hull, pinkeye, cream 40, zipper, and lady finger peas. As the smaller peas become ready, we locate vendors who will assure us of the quality and goodness of their peas. And as later peas are ready for harvest, they will be offered at Happy Patch Market.”

She notes that it is more difficult to prepare the smaller, more delicate peas: “It takes longer to barrel-shell these peas, but the customers are pleased with these later varieties.”

In keeping with the market’s desire to offer what its customers want, Phyllis Smith says she is pleased to announce that the first shipment of cream peas will be delivered this week!

The above photo shows one of the two barrel shellers available at the market. It is cleaned and waiting its first seasonal loading of cream peas.

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