Rhone surgeryMost of us have faced the battle of losing weight at some point in our lives. For some, it is a daily uphill battle. Regardless of diet and exercise, some individuals have greater difficulty losing weight on their own – even with the sound diet and exercise regimen at Perry Wellness Center.

Peer leader Nakia Rhone faced this battle and turned for professional help when her own efforts were not sufficient. Bariatric weight loss surgery was recommended for her, in order that she not only lose weight, but extend her life expectancy.

Nakia took her physician’s advice and had the surgery several weeks ago. Her early recovery was difficult, but she is now doing well and is back at work at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market – minus 66 pounds! Her goal is to lose at least 30 additional pounds, but she is delighted with her progress to date.

“I am happy with my decision to have the surgery,” Nakia assures us, “And I look forward to days to come and achieving my goal to lose 95 pounds.”

During her recovery period, Nakia has turned to a favorite hobby to help her pass the time – crocheting. When she is not assisting with the busy customer flow at the market, she uses her spare time to share her crochet skills with others.

“I am happy that I have crocheting as a quiet hobby,” Nakia notes. “It allows me to sit when we are not busy at Happy Patch Market and do something I enjoy. Crocheting is good for a hands-on therapy as I recover.”

We are all happy for Nakia for taking the initiative to improve her health and manage her recovery. As she busily crochets future gifts and market wares, we wish her a continued smooth recovery!

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